About us

About us

Candace Delights was born after my mum passed on and I wanted to carry on after her baking for family and friends.
We started operations commercially June, 2018 with the belief that you should be able to eat great tasting goodies without it weighing on your conscience or adding inches to your waistline (our bakery slogan)

How we started

I'm Catherine, I'm a baker and a lover of food. My entrepreneurship journey was born out of my love and passion for cooking/baking. From a very young age, I watched my mum work her magic cooking and baking and once I started assisting, I was hooked!

At Candace Delights, we are proud to serve up an array of super-yummy goodies baked fresh daily with thoughtfully sourced, some locally produced, organic ingredients, making our sweet treats healthy for you and your waistline.


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